Henkel Beauty Care
Management Conference Team Event

When the global team comes together to their annual meeting one session is reservedfor teambuilding. We brought them to a nearby lake to build planes out of cardboard product packages, then bringing them to fly sliding downa steep ramp into a rubber boat. Nobody who attended will ever forget this fun afternoon!


Henkel Coorporate Communications
Global Supply Chain & Digital Business Podcast & Studio

Introducing new internal low-threshold info channels we enabled the Henkel teams to develop and produce various audio and video podcast formats, held DIY workshops on recording techniques and supported the technical setup of a multifunctional recording studio. 3, 2, 1 – we´re rolling!


Henkel Laundry & Home Care, Henkel Functions
Sustainability, Safety & Health eLearnings

We have succeeded in many cases translating complex content into vivid images and concise learning experiences: The "Sustainability Training Program", for example, features a unique chalkboard look raising awareness of the importance of the subject and the goals of the new sustainability strategy "More with less".


Henkel dx
Strategy Kick-Off Film

From challenging global megatrends to DX as the digital in-house service solution for all Henkel business units: our Henkel DX launch filmis a good example of a corporate film storyline fully illustraded with revised stock footage enhanced with a smart voiceover to create a unique corporate dx look & feel. What a start!


Henkel Corporate Communication
We Make It Happen League, Henkel Day Games

A new CI is launched for a global market leader with more than 25,000 employees. For this,7 attributes were identified that make it special. But any identity is only as good as the teams that bring it to life. So, we created a series of games, and by having users spend just a few minutes with each attribute, the idea of the identity could be brought to life, understood and felt. Ready to lift off!


Henkel Adhesive Techologies Board Office
Knowledge Management System Presentation

A cartoon-like version of Albert Einstein helpsto explain the structure and content of the new Henkel-intern knowledge management system. So, who could anyone disagree with such a brilliant mastermind who came up with it all?