AL-KO Camper Chassis Caravan Saloon
Caravan Saloon Exhbit

For the lightweight construction revolution allowing for 50 kg more payload on latest caravan and camper models we created the touch-active "Added Weight Calculator“. In a playful way, typical vacation utensils can be loaded into the virtual vehicles until their full capacity is reached. Proud to work with our partner atelier 3d on this amazing project.


Henkel dx
Supercharger Academy Launch

Henkel dx launched a state-of-the-art academy program to supercharge their teams. During the Covid pandemic this was staged with a high-class streaming event including an inspiring moodsetter film, smoothly integrated animated presentations, and remote and on-site speakers .But there is much more in our arsenal from interactivity to augmented reality…


Hofer / Alpha Retail Network
Lobby & Workspace Design

How to create an attractive lobby and combineit with a guidance system for a 20,000 sqm hallthat leads visitors directly to the area where their contacts are located? For the Digital Innovation Center of Aldi and Hofer we invented the color-coded Subway Map, which interconnects the foyer with highly visible landmarks in the hallthat identify the respective workspace area.


Biathlon World Cup 2020, Antholz
Opening & Award Ceremony Media

Setting the stage for the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz, South Tyrol we created the show mediabeginning with a goose bump-making unveiling of the stage setup reflecting the beauty of the alps around the host city, celebrating the family spirt in Biathlon, the athletes and their accomplishments. Proud to work with our partner Rass & Dorner GmbH® on this amazing project.


Opera Performance Tosca
Bregenzer Seefestspiele 2007

For the festival on the largest lake stage in the world we developed this amazing kinetic eye-shaped LED wall and did the show operating that was featured in the James Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace“. Photo credit: Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH


100 Jahre Konrad Henkel
Foyer A33 Headquarter Düsseldorf

The exhibition, structured along the five corporate values, impressively documents the heritage of Konrad Henkel, grandson of company founderFritz Henkel, CEO for many years and inventor of the key brands Pril, Fa and Pritt, which still resonates today. We are proud to have been able to present his legacy!


Henkel Functions Management Conference
Shared Service Experience

How can Henkel leaders be given an understanding of the spectrum and workflows of the globally operating Shared Service Centers? Therefor we developed a physically constructed world map layout in combination with videos taking the participants on a virtual journey to all five SSC hubs to experience their tasks and capacities up close.
Biennale 2021


Time – Space – Existence / ATP architekten
Biennale Architettura 2021, Venice

According to the plans of architect Dario Travis, a place is being created in Palazzo Bembo where time, space and existence overlap. For this, we developed and executed the expansive projection show for the visualizations, which originate from the Building Information Modeling process used by ATP. Proud to work with our partner on this amazing project.