Henkel Global Finance
Streaming Event Set-up & Media Inserts

Imagine a crowd of thousand people on more than 20 global locations performing jingle bells together live recorded and mixed by our DJ, competing with their smartphones in a digital Xmas quiz with the results live in a score dashboard and a CFO speech supported by an animated presentation that is far beyond powerpoint.


Voestalpine Group Day 2021
Digitally Enhanced Streaming Studio

For this project we developed the custom-made digitally enhanced studio by seamlessly integrated ultrawide screens, directed the all-day event for a global audience incl. remote keynotes, interactive workshops, and polls, provided a digital entertaining program and produced mood setting trailer animations introducing the annual highlights in each area.


Lifeball 2008 - 2010, 2017 - 2019
Life+ Charity Event , Vienna

For Europe's largest charity event of the LGBT community in support of people living with HIV and AIDS, which is supported by many national and international celebrities, actors, politicians, singers, fashion designers and models, we have repeatedly taken over the 3D mapping operating for the opening shows and TV broadcasts. Proud to work with our partner AV Professional on these amazing projects.


Adidas World Cup Promo
Dress Presentation

Football‘s coming home - but who wins the World Cup is exciting every time again. For Adidas Austria we developed an installation that shows all their national teams in their team outfits in a holistic environment. For this we combined a hyper-accurate projection mapping on white mannequins with emotional video scenes of the iconic players on the digital backdrop. That was eye-catching!


Klangwolke 2022 - Mother Gilgamesh
Donaupark Linz

An epochal journey into the mystical world of the gods between earth, heaven and underworldfull of impressive and breathtaking surprises. For the staging of one of the oldest surviving literary masterpieces, we supported director Pierre Audi and his team with the media staging of the central cube and with the complete visual operation of the show. That was a fantastic journey for us, too!
Klangwolke 2021


Klangwolke 2021 - Panta Rhei
Donaupark Linz

Panta Rhei - everything flows, and the content simply moves with it! With water projections, media content controlled from land and projections on two moving ships, we supported star director Robert Dornhelm in realizing his ambitious vision of transforming the Danube into a fantastic musical underwater world. And everything worked fluently!


Henkel CEO Office
Global Leadership Summit 2016

Here we developed a touch screen solution usedto enable visitors at Henkel to navigate through the product world of Henkel from Schwarzkopf, to Persil to Loctite providing easy access to the most recent TV commercials of every business unit.This way waiting is simply more fun!


VAUDE Outdoor Gear
ISPO 2018-2022 / OUTDOOR 2019 + 2022

Which material? In which colors available? How sustainable? We recently launched our new touch-table presentation software for B2B presentations at order fairs. With our EAN code scanner, you can address any desired product during your customer meeting and have all relevant product information immediately at hand. That helps immensely!
150 jahre sparkasse Ober Österreich


Sparkasse Oberösterreich
150 Years Gala Show

For this anniversary event, we not only provided the concert hall of the Brucknerhaus in Linz with a complete new stunning form of media presentation, but also used kinetic elements as an essential part of the stage production. The result was an extraordinary space that tells 150 years of history. Proud to work with our partners Brandmood on this amazing project.


Brückner Maschinenbau
Trade Exhibition

Here we did a custom-made media server API that enabled us to steer the exhibited machine of the Client Brückner Maschinenbau and synchronize the machines processes with the respective media explaining the exhibits' function and all this in a futuristic Star Trek style. Beam me up Scotty! Proud to work with our partners MA Eventtechnik and Media Apparat on this amazing project.


Deutsche Telekom
Management Conference - Thank You Film

Imagine your CEO´s entrance as a dancing digital avatar congratulating your teams all over Europe celebrate your accomplishment of the last year. That’s what we did here and the staff couldn’t get enough and demanded 3 repetitions of the film at the Award gala and shared it afterwards on LinkedIn. That’s the way it has to be!


Henkel Beauty Care
Management Conference

For our circular conference room setup, we produced three 360° films, one of them with a green screen shoot with all 100 attendees. This on-location shoot was post-mastered during the three-day event and staged as a grand finale where every partial participant became part of the 3D backdrop and the additional animation enriched making-off.