Mercedes-Benz Austria

EQ Showcase – 7 seconds Festival Graz

Our Carrera racetrack is packed with brand-new self-made technology: The position of the cars is tracked live, which not only allows precise time-keeping, real-time ranking, and live broadcast of the race action. Supercool was also the particle animation projected behind the cars based on the real time tracking.

Proud to work with our partner GoLive Marketing on this amazing project.


Time – Space – Existence / ATP architekten
Biennale Architettura 2021, Venice

According to the plans of architect Dario Travaš, a place is being created in Palazzo Bembo where time, space and existence overlap. For this, we developed and executed the expansive projection show for the visualizations, which originate from the Building Information Modeling process used by ATP.

Proud to work with our partner pro.media on this amazing project.


Lifeball 2008 – 2010, 2017 – 2019
Life+ Charity Event , Vienna

For Europe’s largest charity event of the LGBT community in support of people living with HIV and AIDS, which is supported by many national and international celebrities, actors, politicians, singers, fashion designers and models, we have repeatedly taken over the 3D mapping operating for the opening shows and TV broadcasts.

Proud to work with our partner AV Professional on these amazing projects.


Adidas World Cup Promo
Dress Presentation

Football‘s coming home – but who wins the World Cup is exciting every time again. For Adidas Austria we developed an installation that shows all their national teams in their team outfits in a holistic environment. For this we combined a hyper-accurate projection mapping on white mannequins with emotional video scenes of the iconic players on the digital backdrop. That was eye-catching!