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Vaude Outdoor Gear
AR featured LED Wall – Outdoor 2019
Imagine people taking pictures in front of your booth and posting them online. That’s what happened when we introduced the AR feature for LED walls with the Vaude stall on the Outdoor and ISPO. The LED wall featuresd a live video feed from the scenery behind the wall with an augmeted reality overlay showcasing the messages Vaude wanted to get across.


Henkel CEO Office

Global Leadership Summit 2016

Here we developed a touch screen solution used to enable visitors at Henkel to navigate through the product world of Henkel from Schwarzkopf, to Persil to Loctite providing easy access to the most recent TV commercials of every business unit. This way waiting is simply more fun!


VAUDE Outdoor Gear
ISPO 2018-2020 / OUTDOOR 2019-2022

Which material? In which colors available? How sustainable? We recently launched our new touch-table presentation software for B2B presentations at order fairs. With our EAN code scanner, you can address any desired product during your customer meeting and have all relevant product information immediately at hand. That helps immensely!


Theater an der Wien
Elegie für junge Liebende

The Theater an der Wien challenged us to do a projection mapping onto a 3D head and objects rotating on its own axis appearing at various places on the stage. So, we had to come up a with an advanced technical solution with high processing capacity that allows to track the motion and exact position of the 3D shape in real time.